Over the past 5 years of my research I have spent time in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Parkes (rural Australia), Uluru (Ayers Rock), Canberra, Adelaide, the Gold Coast, Washington DC, Chile, Bonn, Amsterdam, and Paris, South Africa, Athens, Easter Island, and the UK. Some pictures from those trips can be found in my gallery


I play classical violin on a 7/8 size German-made antique. I was classically trained growing up and only just resumed violin about a year ago. 

Walking doesn't really count as a hobby, but I do a lot of it. My best thinking happens on my morning and evening walks.

I enjoy getting book recommendations. 

Book Blog

You can follow my book reviews on Goodreads which is where I refer people when they ask me what I'm reading. I finish books more frequently than I update my page, but keep checking back for new books I loved or hated.