I give a number of scientific talks at the specialized, general, and public level. If you would like me to give a talk at your event or group either in person or via video link please contact me

Recent Talks

  • 2017 Deciphering the Violent Universe, Playa de Carmen, Mexico - Invited talk

  • 2017 29th International Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics, Cape Town, South Africa - Invited Plenary talk

  • 2017 International Union of Radio Science General Assembly, Montreal, Canada - Invited talk

  • 2017 The Benefits of Low Frequency Observing, Bologna, Italy - Invited talk

  • 2017 The Labyrinth of the Unexpected, Kerastari, Greece - Invited talk

  • 2017 The 2nd SVOM Workshop, Qiannan, China - Invited talk

  • 2017 Aspen Winter Conference: Fast radio bursts: New probes of fundamental physics and cosmology, Aspen, Colorado - Invited talk

  • 2017 229th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society, Grapevine, Texas

  • 2016 Probing Baryons in the Universe, Sevres, France - Invited talk

  • 2016 11th INTEGRAL Conference, Amsterdam, NL - Invited talk

  • 2016 Supernovae Through the Ages, Easter Island, Chile - Invited talk

  • 2016 International Pulsar Timing Array meeting, Stellenbosch, South Africa - Invited talk

  • 2016 Netherlands Astronomy Conference, Nunspeet, NL

  • 2016 ASTRON Netherlands SETI meeting, Dwingeloo, NL

  • 2015 3 Minute Thesis - Talk title: Astronomy in the blink of an eye: The fastest events in the Universe Winner: Swinburne 3MT University Grand Final

  • 2015 George Collins Oration - Invited talk: Radio astronomy in the blink of an eye 

  • 2015 Curtin University Colloquium - Talk title: Detection and follow-up of fast radio bursts

  • 2015 Marcel Grossmann XIV, Rome, Italy - Invited talk: Real-time searches for fast radio bursts

  • 2015 7th Bonn Workshop on Neutron Stars, Bonn, Germany - Talk title: Real-time searches for FRBs in radio surveys

  • 2014 Swinburne FRB workshop - Talk title: FRBs - an overview.

  • 2014 Orange Pulsar Meeting, Australia - Talk title: Searching for fast radio bursts in pulsar surveys.

  • 2014 CAASTRO Retreat, Australia - Talk title: The first real-time FRB - and why FRBs are still REALLY interesting.
    Winner: Best Conference Talk

  • 2014 GMT Annual Science Meeting, Washington DC, USA - Talk Title: Real-time discovery of Fast Radio Bursts: Polarization and Multi-wavelength Follow-up

  • 2014 Melbourne University Colloquium - Talk title: Fast Radio Bursts: past, present, and future.

  • 2014 Astronomical Society of Australia, Australia – Talk title: The First Real-Time FRB
    Winner: Best Student Talk Award

  • 2014 Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing Colloquium – Talk title: The First Real-Time FRB

  • 2013 CAASTRO Ephemeral Universe Workshop – Talk title: Searching for Fast Radio Bursts at Intermediate Latitudes

  • 2013 CAASTRO Retreat – Talk title: Searching for Fast Radio Bursts at Intermediate Latitudes

  • 2013 Swinburne Graduate Student Seminars – Searching for Fast Radio Bursts

  • 2013 CASS Student Symposium – Talk title: Searching for Fast Radio Bursts in the High Time Resolution Universe Survey

  • 2013 Neutron Stars – Poster title: Dispersion Measure Variations in a Sample of 168 Pulsars